Summer plans

Dear Gentlemen,

I would like to share with you my plans for the summer in Switzerland.

I will be available again in Rheineck from next week Monday after more than 2 years.


19.06 – 26.06: Rheineck

27.06 – 03.07: Zurich City

04.07 – 17.08: Flamatt

01.08 – 14.08: Montreux 

15.08 – 28.08: Zurich area

Apart from 2 weeks break in July (I will be on holiday in Crete), I will be there for you the whole summer… 🙂

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Chloé 🌺

My plan for May


Dear Gentlemen,

I would like to share shortly my Plan for the next Month. I’ll stay at these locations in Swiss:


From the 2nd of May (Sunday) I will start my appointment in Flamatt at the new location, and I will stay there for two weeks. Flamatt is 20 minutes away from Bern and Fribourg.


After that, from 17th to 23th May, I will spend a week in Unterägeri. Except this week in May I didn’t plan more appointments in the area of Zurich.


I will be available for the first time in Trübbach from 23th of May to 1th of June!

I am already looking forward to seeing you. 🙂



New Location

Dear Gentlemen,

As you may have read, you know that from this week it is also possible to visit TVR Models in Reichenburg.
I am the lucky one to be the first to welcome our clients in this lovely place this week.
As soon as I entered the apartment on Sunday evening, I was very happy to start my four-week appointment here after my long break.
Very nicely furnished apartment in a very discreet environment, as we are used to from other TVR apartments. I really like it, and the Clients who have been here so far have also felt very comfortable.
If you have the opportunity, do a visit. 🙂

I wish you all a great day!

New pictures!


Dear Readers,

I hope you are doing well and are in good health!
I’m having a longer break, but it’s only 3 weeks until I’m back to Switzerland, I’m looking forward!:-)
Soon I’ll share with you the plan of the places where I’m going to be in March.

At the end of January after this cold winter I left Europe and went to a warmer Land to got some sun and warmth, from my trip I added a few photos to my privatgallery on my website. I hope you’ll like it. Next week I’ll share my new professional photos too. 🙂

Please before you send me an email to get the Code of my privat gallery, remember that I share it only with TVR Clients who’s visited me or one of TVR Models at least once.

I wish you all a great day!


I offer you “The Combo”

Dear gentlemen,

First of all I wish you a happy and healthy new year! I hope you have started well into the new year.
I have added to my Service as a special offer the combo in December, every customer who met me for the first time, could choose the combo.
Last month I was lucky enough to welcome very kind Clients through this offer. Without the combo we might haven’t met, and that would be a shame.
Combo is a very relaxing, nice 90 min in which we can enjoy the time through a very relaxed and easy way, so I wished that from this year I can add the Combo to my service, so that now all my old and new customers can enjoy it with me. 🙂

More about Combo: https://www.thevelvetrooms.com/en/the-services/search-by-experiences/the-combo

I wish you a nice day!

My list “to do” for Christmas time

I love Christmas, I already wait it from the end of October and plan how to spend me the holidays during Christmas. I’m not at buying lots of gifts, for me Christmas is just a feeling that I love to have.
This year is different because unusually I am not at home, I’m even more looking forward to Christmas next year!

Things that are part of my Christmas:

  • Going to theatre together with family, or watching The Nutcracker again (could every year).

  • Making decorations for Christmas tree with kids (nephew,niece)

  • Baking gingerbread cookies so the whole house can smell nice

  • One of my favorite “to do”: With my best friend make and deliver gifts for Children’s home, it takes a couple of days, but gives the most beautiful feels

  • Listening to lots of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby

  • Decorate the whole house and garden and in the evening everything they can lightening beautifully

  • Lighting candles every evening before Christmas

  • Putting together a photo album of the year (I love looking at photos in the album, not on the computer)

  • The absolute highlight of December: Havasi Balázs concert. He is a classical, world famous Hungarian pianist and composer. You have to get your tickets early to get good seats. If you love music and visit Budapest in December, you have to see it! 🙂  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xTX7uTjaxs&list=RDBxP59VRQZtg&index=6

My presence in Switzerland

I will stay in Switzerland over Christmas and New Year. This week, and the next until 03rd of January I will be in Unterägeri to meet you, and from the 03rd to 10th of January I will be in Glattbrugg before I start my vacations.

I hope that I can meet with most of you in the coming weeks, before I go home to my family and friends for more weeks. Probably I will be back in Switzerland in the beginning of March.

Pictures “Only for members”

My homepage has been in process for a few weeks, and was finished on my birthday all thanks to Janet and her Webmaster. I have a real pleasure in this beautiful Homepage, and luckily the positive feedbacks show that the visitors like it too 🙂
As time goes by, you will see that there will be sometimes small changes to improve the details step by step.
The album “only for members” has now had a small change. You don’t need to register to view the album and pictures in it. Customers who know me can contact me via sms/whatsapp and I will give an access code, and customers who haven’t met me yet can get it via email.